Training Levels

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  1. Knowledge Programs
    These programs focus on knowledge and concepts that directly influence trainees' performance and productivity which raise awareness and positive general perception.
    Since Knowledge is hard to integrate and manage effectively, where most of times it's hardly communicated and delivered such as implicit knowledge that employee manage, therefore we work in Reference to surround knowledge, connect, share the influencing information and tasks among all participants to make it accessible and well perceptible to everyone.
  2. Skills Programs
    Advanced training programs which train individuals competencies that enable them to do their tasks and duties efficiently so they can affect the work flow, such as leadership, communication and career skills.
  3. Behavioral Programs
    These programs are oriented toward behavior change and adapting new behaviors which aim to increase efficiency and productivity of both individuals and groups,we adapt many methods and tools to change or modify behaviors such as: Cognitive learning, reconstruction, problem solving , self learning, etc…