Technical Training for Various Sectors

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Commercial and Islamic Banking Sector

Banking is considered one of the most important fundamental sectors of the world economy, not only for his significant role in mobilizing domestic and foreign savings and funding investments which considered the backbone of all economic activities,  but also for acting as  the most important communication loop with the outside world.  Where this sector became the standard to judge the safety of an economy, test our ability to attract local and foreign capital, due to his expansion and diversified activities. 

Reference for consultation and business development had established since 2003 as one of the biggest training companies in order to expand in preparing a qualified trained workforce, and organize work environment. Therefore, Reference provides high quality and customized training programs for banks and banking institutions, which are implemented by trainers and financial experts who have significant achievements and impacts in the banking sector, which would contribute in the rehabilitation of a qualified banking cadres that strive to take initiative movements toward leadership and excellence to find innovative banking solutions.  In addition, raising banking performance levels to achieve excellence in the provision of these services.

The following are just examples of some professional customized diplomas in commercial and Islamic banks that we have implemented, noting that we ready to design and implement any required training program in this sector, according to the client's needs and requirements:

Workshop: Bank guarantees Portfolio Management
Legitimate control over the banks and treasury products Accounting banking operations
Financial analysis for the purposes of granting credit Financial analysis for the purposes of granting credit
Internal audit based on risk measurement Legal Aspects of Banking Operations
Electronic banking operations Advanced banking credit
Credit analysis and risk assessment of funding Anti-money laundering strategies
Banking strategy and the development of customer service management skills Islamic banks and their role in economic development
Electronic payment and credit card functions and the development of Islamic banking systems Banks and banking secrecy operations
Insurance Sector

Insurance services became one of the fundamental and indispensable needs in the community, whether on an individual or corporate basis. it has also imposed in some cases as mandatory services by an order of governmental agencies, where insurance is considered an important modern mean in the economic and financial regulation systems. Which has its growing role in the industrial, agricultural and commercial development, in order to improve human resource management development, in a way it can ensure the achievements of goals and aspirations of each of the insurance companies .

Insurance is one of the basic tools is in the modern economic system, on par with the banking sector,  where mature economies are intrinsically linked to the existence of a strong and stable insurance sector. Accordingly, there should be real efforts for the purposes of developing the insurance sector, increase its performance levels, raise the efficiency of its human resources, and elevate the level of performance to achieve excellence, thus reference company  for consultation and business development is offering the following specialized training programs in the insurance sector.

Here are just few-selected sample for specialized training programs in this section, noting that we are fully ready to design and execute any other required customized training program according to the client special needs and requirements.

Transportation  insurance of goods and its credit and risk management Health Insurance  management (individual and group health insurance)
Comprehensive banking insurance )BBI) Risk management of the insurance sector
management of  financial hardship risks in the insurance companies Engineering Insurance  the risks of contractors and contracting insurance
IPO in the insurance industry Legal aspects of insurance contracts
Cooperative  Islamic insurance Marketing and managing the cooperative Insurance
The competitive strategy of insurance companies Integrated Skills of reinsurance
Crises management of insurance companies reinsurance agreements for senior management
Preparation and analyzing financial reports in insurance companies Modern applications in the commercial and cooperative insurance
Fire and General Accident Insurance Management of financial and economic investments in insurance companies
Oil and Gas Sector

For more than 10 years of experience in the Oil and Gas sector, helping our clients in developing their knowledge and skills in this sector, Reference Company is now able to realize and fully meet the very precise needs and challenges of this sector, while directing their efforts and abilities with the overall strategic objectives.

The customized training programs are customized in Reference to raise the skills of the whole stuff and direct them toward the continuous improvement and the increasing productivity in their various fields. We also work on integrating the accumulated expertise, in order to maximize training investment benefits of each institution separately. Where we provide laboratory and field programs that provide educational experience, customized software tools, and direct supervisory control. This combines the necessary advanced knowledge and skills in order to develop the overall team performance and raise the core competencies that promote the organization toward sectoral excellence.

Planning and scheduling maintenance cycle in the oil and industrial installations Operating the storage and distribution of oil and gas  and the petroleum products
Preventive maintenance of industrial plants Occupational health and safety in the industries of chemical and petrochemical facilities
Types of valves in the oil and chemical industries and its  functionality and maintenance Security, Safety,  occupational health and  mechanisms to deal with hazardous materials, chemicals and oil
Planning and scheduling maintenance  and letup of industrial production processes Supervisory and managerial skills development in the industrial enterprise
Operation and maintenance of tube furnaces in the petroleum and manufacturing industries Organize transportation movement in the oil and sector engineering
Operation and maintenance of steam boilers in the petroleum industry and power plants Safety in the operation modes of oil and gas, petroleum products, offshore and onshore pipeline in accordance with international standards transfusions
Health Sector

In Reference, we tried very hard to simplify health care through a combination of experience, distinctive training programs and courses.  This covers everything related to hospitals, clinics, pharmacy and medical care of its both sides: practical and theoretical, in order to improve the performance of employees in this field.

According to multiple researches we have done, in cooperation with experts from this sector, and with the help of our existing expertise, we were able to create a comprehensive training curriculum, which include most aspects of the medical sector, to assist various medical establishments in the development of its operational efficiency and providing a high quality medical care for patients.

Reference efforts were focused in the medical sector to provide high quality training and development to the various institutions where our services meet the needs of:

  •   b We help you to progress and achieve operational efficiency so that you can see more efficient and effective results in terms of decreased cost and higher productivity.
  • Employees: We help you to improve your employees’ performance according to their skills, expertise and knowledge, motivate them to achieve establishment’s goals.
  • Patients (your Customers): We help you in providing a healthy comfortable environment that will be the most desirable to satisfy your patients and meet their expectations.

Sections and sectors we cover:

Emergency Department Nursing labs
Anesthesia and recovery ICU
Dental Laboratory Psychiatry
Coronary care unit Burn Care
Intensive Care Unit Operating and Recovery room
Cardiovascular and vascular surgery Blood Bank, Laboratory
Pediatrics Department of Pediatrics and Neonatology
Respiratory care Medical Laboratory

Some medical programs and specialized professional courses that we have implemented in the health sector, noting that we are fully ready to design and implement any other specialized programs in this sector, according to the client's needs and requirements:

Specialist theoretical course in congruence histological Basics of Life Support for Health Care Providers
Clinical Pharmacology goals in enhancing the therapeutic process Mother and Child Care Program
Principles and maintenance of anesthesia units Develop training methods for inspectors in non-governmental health institutions
The role of the clinical pharmacist in the rational use of intravenous solutions Modern methods of inspection and drugs  trade control in the private sector
The role of clinical pharmacist in the  scientific research Emergency Nursing Course
Side effects and drug interactions Pathological cases cycle and its impact on aviation safety
Course in pharmaceutical analysis An introductory course in the field of forensic toxicology and drugs -Medical Laboratory
Public Health rules Course on the plane Principles and maintenance of dental equipment