Reference Training Methodology

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Reference Training department ensures that all participants obtain the desired results, which are based on competencies after completing any training program.
These skills must be aligned to three areas to gain the core skills, which are implementing all technicalities that enhance human performance, designing the training materials to be suitable to the trainees' levels as a whole, and taking care of trainee's psychologies during training processes.
Detailed steps of the training process:

  • Explain General Objectives of Training Program In order to organize the training process, we inform participants the general program objectives, its detailed content and the required time for each module. We communicate with participants to know their attendance purposes that will help to organize ideas and information during the training program, we believe different working methodologies, varied practical experiences and backgrounds are informational tools to smoothly transfer experience and knowledge among trainees.
  • Present Training Materials
    trainer divides and merges information systematically to avoid extra overload in trainees' memory, and facilitate recall process.
  • Enhance and transfer Information Retention process.
  • Provide training Guidelines: This simply means giving instructions on how to train during the training program; this will make things easier in a direct way.
  • Motivate performance: Trainer focuses on the practical exercise and tests, so trainees will be highly motivated to implement the newly acquired skills in work.
  • Provide Feedback: Trainer specifies the weak points in the participants' answers through discussion and verbal questions to ensure all participants are on the right track within the training program.
  • Performance evaluation: trainer will assess the trainees' performance to determine if they have achieved training program goals.
  • Enhance Information Retention process and Transfer it to real practice: trainer will enhance trainees' retention process by their achievements through practical and applicable cases.
  • Training Program Assessment: trainees will assess and evaluate the whole training process and all related details.