Reference Trainers

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REFERENCE trains the trainers.

Permanent and freelancer trainers consist of 116 experts, who have on average (10-35) years of experience in their specialized disciplines, the majority have an accredited certificates in their particularism.

REFERENCE Trainers should attend the train of trainers program, which aims to enable trainers to make an effective contribution to training and development.

Reference Training team consists of internationally recognized executives, consultants, trainers, instructors, speakers, and authors who must be:

  • Highly educated.
  • Practical and scientific background.
  • Reliable and active.
  • Expert and highly skilled.
  • Responsible and Innovative.
  • Practitioners in today's competitive and challenging business world.
  • Train the up to date business theories and offering interactive practical techniques.
  • Exceed customer expectations, provide high quality training that meet objectives.