The Detailed Steps of the Training

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Reference training methodology in providing training products:

  • Reference Company conducts multiple visits to the organization in order to discover the causes of problems and complexities; organizational level and culture environment.
  • Subsequent visits provide a detailed study conducted from meetings with top management and directors, as we conduct a comprehensive assessment of institute in general, Some assessment classifications approaches are as follows:
    • Evaluate targeted team.
    • Assess communication types among targeted team members.
    • Evaluate any other item (such as an employee, section or so of other things), which may be the influencing factor on targeted team.
  • Conduct a detailed analysis covering the three dimensions (knowledge, skill, and behavior).
  • Design training programs &workshops for unification of knowledge, skills& behavior toward achievement of overall company vision.
  • Conduct an evaluation of results. Evaluation requires several stages to reach required results and corrections.
  • Conduct additional workshops after the final evaluation period.
  • Measure the return on investment ROI.