Customized Contract Programs

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Reference company design and implement a large number of customized contract programs for many governmental and private organizations on a continuous basis.

These distinguished programs are designed in accordance with the private training needs of the particular organization; in order to fill the current performance gap, reach the ideal performance standard and/ or any other future performance goals, this is done through analyzing current performance complexities, compare it with the ideal performance standards or with the targeted performance goals, then identify performance gap , and eventually suggest solutions and training proposals to fill the current performance gap and reach the ideal performance standard.

Reference training programs are differentiated by its pragmatism; its' relevant with real work environment and circumstances, also it's designed according to the very precise needs of the client and its creativity to discover innovative solutions that perfectly fit the current ramified complexities, in addition to the frequent follow up and continuous improvement to ensure that training objectives have been met, and the performance gap has been dissolved.

Customized contract programs are usually conducted at the concerned client company, or at reference high-equipped training halls, which are designed according to the highest training and professional standards, the client can choose any other place he prefer. In addition, training programs can be conducted at luxurious hotel halls in accordance with the prior agreement.