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About Us

Reference Co for Consultation & Business Development established in 2003 to meet clients requirements by assisting  and facilitating  as well as promoting our business on global  specifications  and  professional standards and categories by providing HR Consultations , business development and training services which allow our  clients  and  strategic partners  to enhance  exposure credibility ,foster their business opportunities in the region, North Africa and worldwide .

Reference History

Since establishment in Amman-Jordan on 2003, Reference has earned the reputation as a trusted partner in providing consultation, training, business solutions, organizational management and human resource development.

Reference main concern is to provide leading companies and professional executives with Quality services; which currently are: Consultations, Training Programs, Coaching, Workshops, Conferences, Seminars and all other business development patterns covering Organizational Development, Human Resources Management Systems, Integrated Management Systems, Performance Process Improvement, Re-Structuring, etc …

Reference considers its customers and partners the core value for our future vision; therefore strategies and expertise are oriented to satisfy them, therefore we gained their trust through thousands of customer testimonials indicating their fully satisfaction about our performance that enrich reference record.

Reference customer satisfaction requires specialized studies and qualified experts to manage regular work and enhancing skills and outcomes on a continuous basis.

Facts and Numbers

  • Reference client base in the Middle East exceeds 1,500 companies from governmental and private organizations.
  • Reference has trained over 48,000 individuals.
  • Reference conducted 850 in-house training.
  • Reference held 21 conferences since establishment, in human resource, leadership, training, public relations, and Education Sustainability.
  • Reference provided 18 specialized consultations in administrative and financial aspects of the governmental and private sectors.
  • Reference training team consists of 3 consultants, 7 constant and 103 freelancer trainers, who have on average 20 years of experience in their specialized fields, most of them have internationally accredited certificates in their specialties.
  • Reference head office in Amman- Jordan, other official offices in Sudan and Libya.

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